Early California F1

Early California F1

Early California F1 is a true hybrid, and a better performer than any other variety on the market for arid and semi-arid areas, particularly climates with little or no dormancy. It has excellent quality green spears with very tight tips and no purpling.

This variety will out-perform the U.C. varieties for yield, and over all vigor. Yields should be about 300 full crates per acre. With a drip system, it would be even more.

Optimal plant population of 21,250 plants per acre. The spears per plant out-number spears produced by any other variety. Most commercial fields today are yielding only about 5 to 10 harvestable spears per plant. Early California produces an average of 10 to 20 harvestable spears per plant, using an 8 inch spacing on a 42 inch bed.

It is very tolerant to rust, and is free of Sclerotinia and Latent Virus 2.

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