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16315 S. Avenue A 1/2 • Somerton, Arizona 85350



Condor Seed Production, Inc began its operations out of the General Manager’s home. Then, a 10 acre parcel of land located approximately 5 miles south of Yuma, Arizona was purchased to serve as company headquarters and provide acreage for experimental production and quality control grow outs.


Construction of an 8,000 square foot warehouse was completed which included one seed cleaning line. A small mobile office unit was purchased and set up west of the warehouse. In May and June, the first seed crops were harvested and seed conditioning began.


A production manager was hired to assist in the expanding seed production of the company and he still works with the company today. In these first few years, 80-90% of our seed production was contract or product of acreage production.


The General Manager attended his first International Seed Congress in Spain beginning the continuing expansion of our international business. The first official Price List containing 114 open pollinated varieties was published.


Condor Seed became one of the founding members of the Seed Trade Association of Arizona.


A 2,200 square foot office was constructed to take the place of the mobile office unit. The company also began leasing additional acreage in the vicinity to expand experimental and small acreage seed production, and to provide crop rotation for the original acreage.


Construction of an 18,000 square foot, 30 ft tall insulated warehouse was completed which included a 4,000 square foot climate-controlled storage room. The majority of seed is stored in large wood or tri-wall bins that are stacked up to 6 high taking advantage of the taller building construction. A third seed conditioning line was formed.


A small fabrication workshop was built in order to move most of the maintenance equipment out of the conditioning warehouse to make room for additional seed cleaning equipment.


Our original office building was demolished due to a major architectural flaw and a new office building was constructed with more or less the same foot print. Our first website was developed.


An 8,800 square foot addition was constructed on the north side of the original warehouse for the primary purpose of storing thresher run seed prior to conditioning.


A small building with a kitchen and rest rooms was built north of the shipping and receiving warehouse to serve as a break room for all warehouse and seed cleaning employees.


In December 2013, the company was sold to Suba Seeds, a large Italian seed company. This provided an opportunity for a number of production synergies between the two companies as well as access to new customers.


Paine Swartz Partners investment group acquires a majority position of Suba Seeds.


Brotherton Seed is added to the group to further diversify production and product range.


Suba Seeds was rebranded and reorganized as Verisem to better complement the Company’s global footprint and clarify the organizational structure.


Tom Tolman retired after 34 years leading Condor. Tom Prata was hired as his successor. Production expands into Idaho and Pacific NW.


Condor becomes more Product Development focused with a hybrid product line in development. Implemented HACCP food safety requirements. New website launched.

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