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16315 S. Avenue A 1/2 • Somerton, Arizona 85350
Condor Seed Office Staff
Office Sales Team

(Back L-R) Chris Tolman, James Daily, Karla Rodriquez, Tom Prata, Ricardo Villagran
(Front L-R) Karla Gonzalez, Mary Gomane, Martha Espinoza, Davina Pereda

Production Staff
Production Team

(L-R) Alejandro Negrete, Jose Gonzalez, Steven Elrod, Ivan Negrete


Proven • Trusted • Reliable

We love to show off the awesome people who take care of our customers and our crops.
Combined years of seed industry experience is over 150 years – very impressive for this small group!

Chris Tolman
General Manager
Steven Elrod
Production Manager
Tom Prata
Commercial & Business Development Manager
Karla Gonzalez
Supply Manager & Sales Assistant
Fabiola Mendiola
Ricardo Villagran
International Logistics
Davina Pereda
Domestic & International Shipping
Karla Rodriguez
Quality Control Technician

We find the seed world fascinating.

The staff at Condor Seed are the driving force behind the success of our company. Many have decades of experience in the seed industry and all take their responsibility very seriously. We are very grateful to our 20+ local employees.

Our current price list contains over 250 unique products. We currently serve hundreds of wholesale domestic and international customers and export seed to over 55 countries. This seed ends up in farms and gardens all around the world and produces bountiful and valuable crops. We preserve and multiply seed not just for our generation but for those who come after us.

From artichokes to zucchini, the breadth of genetic diversity is astonishing. We preserve varieties, improve desirable traits and multiply the seed.

“it’s part science and part art.”

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